Volunteer Management

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En engelsk E-bogs udgave af den danske bog “Frivilligkoordinering – Hvorfor og Hvordan?

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Denne E-bog er den engelske udgave af bogen “Frivilligkoordinering – Hvorfor og Hvordan?” som udkom i 2012 og som allerede er solgt i ca. 1.000 eksemplarer.

“It was great to see the references to so many e-Volunteerism articles and to my book, too. I think you have added to the literature, especially for the many all-volunteer membership associations that operate around the world. Too few guides help those in smaller organizations. The work is an academic examination of what is really happening on the ground, but is written in an approachable style that I think many will welcome. It is also lovely to have something in English that shares the Danish perspective and your country’s long volunteering tradition.” – Susan J. Ellis, President, Energize, Inc., USA

Titel: Volunteer Management – How and Why?
Forfatter(e): Frederik C. Boll, Nana G. Alsted og Jakob M. Hald
Udgivelsesår: 2014
Antal sider: 163
ISBN: 978-87-89303-51-2


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